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How the Virtual Program Works

Your child will be in a virtual class with a dedicated teacher who will teach them most subjects. The virtual class may consist of a combination of students from their home school and other OCSB schools. If your child is in Kindergarten, this teacher will be available for synchronous learning (real-time online instruction) for 180 minutes each day. If your child is in grades 1 to 6, this teacher will be available for synchronous learning (real-time online instruction) for 225 minutes each day.

Even though your child attends our online elementary school, they are still registered with your home school.

Parents can still decide how much time the student spends online. There is no expectation that they are online throughout the entire school day.



Your teacher will share an outline of the learning activities for your child’s class in the Hapara workspace. Depending on the activity, students learning from home may have an opportunity to collaborate with their online peers. Your child will learn the same curriculum as their in-school peers, and be assessed in all areas of the curriculum.

Not all assignments will require a computer.

If your child participates in distance learning, they will:

  • be taught the full breadth of the entire curriculum

  • receive a schedule that will cover 5 hours of instruction/work (but not be expected to be in front of the computer for 5 hours a day)

  • receive synchronous (real-time) guidance and instruction online from qualified Board educators every day and receive regular feedback for their online work

  • have a blend of large and small group instruction throughout the week

  • have the opportunity to participate in school-based virtual groups including virtual extracurricular activities

  • access the same platforms with each educator: Hapara, Google Meet, and the Parent Portal

Report Cards

All students will evaluated as per curriculum requirements, and will receive Progress Reports and a Report Card at the same time as their peers in their home school. The reports will be posted to the OCSB Parent Portal, and parents will be notified when they are available.

Online learning platforms

Teachers will connect with their classes using Google Meet. Students will access lessons and assigned work via Hapara Workspace. Both these platforms can be accessed through the Elementary Student Portal.

Teachers will advise on which platform they will be using for their class(es) and will provide support to families as needed. Please have your child familiarize themselves with the technology, platforms and digital tools being used.

Access to Devices

We recognize that families may not have access to Wi-Fi or to devices that are necessary for distance learning. We will do our best to provide students with the tools they need. If you need a device, contact your child’s homeroom teacher, and the teacher will submit the appropriate request.

Student attendance

Students are expected to attend regularly. Attendance will be taken and recorded twice a day. If a student is recorded as being absent, parents will receive an automated call and email.

We will be taking attendance based on daily interaction with the teacher. If the student is involved with online activities or corresponds with the teacher, they will be marked present for the day.

Teacher absence

A teacher who is absent will be replaced by an occasional teacher on the day(s) that they are way. The teacher will provide the occasional teacher with prepared lessons and activities to use in class. If a teacher is absent for more than three days, an occasional teach will take over the planning and delivery of the program. If there is not an occasional teacher available, parents will be notified by email that Google Meets will be canceled. Students will be encouraged to work asynchronously.

Contact & Communication

If you have a question or concern about your child’s education, your first step should be to contact the teacher. If the teacher is not able to resolve the matter, it should be discussed with the vice-principal assigned to your child's grade. If the VP is not able to respond to your question, he/she will know who they should direct the inquiry to in our system, and someone will get back to you promptly.

Also, remember that your child is still connected to their home school, and staff there might be in a better position to answer some questions.

Special Education

All students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), requiring accommodations or modifications, will continue to have their needs met in the online classroom. Virtual Program staff will work with the special education staff at your child’s home school and the Board's central office to meet your child’s needs in the best way possible.

When an IPRC is scheduled, it will be initiated through the home school. Parents and Elementary Virtual Program staff will be invited to participate virtually.

Policies & Procedures

A Code of Conduct, Progressive Discipline Policy, and Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan can be found the website of each student's home school.

Parents are reminded that the following OCSB policies on privacy and technology also apply to students registered in the Elementary Virtual Program.

Registration and Withdrawal

Families were given the option to switch between in-person and online learning at the beginning of the school year, and again at the end of the first reporting period. At this point there are no plans to provide another opportunity to switch later in the school year. We will do our best to support our families as situations arise, but all decisions will be based on staffing and space availability.